Code of Conduct:

Effective Date: April 1, 2019.

The purpose of our Myonline-Ads Users Group Code of Conduct is to ensure that all participants in the Myonline-Ads classifieds, messages, contacts, blogs, forums, FAQs, comments, reviews and other groups or individuals segments have the best possible experience. We are all here to help each other to learn new information, to satisfy our day2day small needs, to grow our businesses and/or careers and have a good time!

Myonline-Ads Users Code of Conduct covers our behavior as a user or a visitor of the Myonline-Ads website in any classifieds, message, contact, blogs, forums, FAQs, comment, reviews.

As a worldwide or a local Users Group, diversity is one of our huge strengths, but it can also lead to communication issues and unhappiness. To that end, we have a few ground rules that we ask people to adhere to, to ensure that the MyOnline-Ads Users Group continues to be an excellent space in which to communicate, collaborate, and contribute.

This isn't an exhaustive list of things that you can't do. Rather, take it in the spirit in which it's intended — a guide to make it easier to be excellent to each other. We expect it to be followed in spirit as much as in the letter.

Be considerate. Your work/information will be used by other people, and you in turn will depend on the work/information of others. Any decision you take will affect users and visitors, and you should take those consequences into account when making decisions. MyOnline-Ads is not responsible for any outcome from your decisions. Do not use copy-righted material/information.

Be patient. This mostly applies to classified, blogs, FAQs, forums, mailing lists, and code contributions (i.e. asynchronous forms of communication). Communities are often built on volunteer time both from participants and organizers. It is possible that your question or code contribution or suggestion might not receive an immediate response. Be patient and consider the norms of the Users Group. One reminder ping is welcome, many reminder pings in rapid succession are not a good display of patience. Similarly, posting the same question in multiple threads is frowned upon and should not be done.

Be respectful. Not all of us will agree all the time, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior and poor manners. We might all experience some frustration now and then, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack. It's important to remember that a group where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one. We expect members/users/visitors of the MyOnline-Ads to be respectful when communicating with other members/users/visitors, as well as with people outside the MyOnline-Ads Users Group.

Be nice. Everyone in the MyOnline-Ads Users Group should feel welcome, regardless of their background. Please be courteous, respectful and polite to fellow Users Group members. We will not tolerate offensive comments, reviews related to gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, real or implied violence, intimidation, oppression, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events or unwelcome sexual attention or politically motivated information.

Communicate effectively. We don't all speak the same language at the same skill level. Clear communication can help to avoid misunderstandings, as can remembering that our interpretations of words can be different depending on our backgrounds. Having context is important. It's better to ask for clarification than to make assumptions. Disagreements, social and technical, are normal, but we expect participants in the project to resolve disagreements constructively — so please avoid flamewars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments. Resources for how to most effectively engage with MyOnline-Ads related activities.

Ask for help when unsure. Nobody is expected to be perfect in this Users Group. Asking questions early avoids many problems later, so questions are encouraged, though they may be directed to the appropriate forum. Those who are asked should be responsive and helpful.