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Published 05-04-19
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This is about short term (day trading) stock market technical analysis and digital marketing services! Interested Parties Send us Message.

FB Page for Stocks Analysis | FB Group
FB Page for Classified Portal | FB Group (Ahmedabad)

We are about to start appointing area wise/categories wise commission agents network for pilot project in Ahmedabad (For Stocks Technical Analysis Services - Across India and Outside India for NRIs). If someone wants to join us.

Please let us know about your interest. It will take sometime to launch the marketing campaign as we are waiting on some legal advise. Also website software is still under construction. But we can start initial consideration and zoom meetings for prospective franchises.

How our Agents will make money or will have benefits?

- Paid Technical Analysis for Stocks/Indices (short term / Day trading)
- Sponsorship ads commissions (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
- user verification service charges(yearly)
- Ad verification service charges (per ad)
- Website promotional work compensation
- Surprise performance achievement prizes
- More importantly they will make more contacts and if agents have their own business. More contacts through this platform can boost their existing businesses.
- Future more projects can contribute additional income.
- As a part of team - there will be more advantages rather than being alone and trying to achieve something. Group benefits (if applicable)

Try to attend our one of online zoom meeting. Check Schedule


1) Applicant must be a local resident of the Ahmedabad city.
2) He/She should own a computer/laptop and should have internet connection. Also should have mobile with proper data plan.
3) Age must be above 18.
4) Should be able to read and write Gujarati & Basic English.

# Flexible work hours (mostly work from home opportunity)
# Good opportunity for college students, house wives, retired people, cable operators, insurance agents, brokers or people who want to make side income or (to consider as) add-on to enhance existing business/service
# Promotional work will be given for guaranteed & satisfactory monthly income. Keep in mind - No work No gain.
# All future projects- We are planning to use same agent network. This is 1st project.
# Once business model turns profitable We are planning to use some of profit for Noble causes and we will disclose them.

છેલ્લે બાળપણ ની વાતો યાદ આવી ...

“એક સાથકળી (પાતળી લાકડી) સહેલાઈ થી તોડી શકાય પણ જો ઘણી બધી સાથકળીઓનો પાળો/ભારો હોય તો તોડવો અઘરો થઈ પડે.”

“એકતા મા અનોખી શકિત છે.......શિકારી, કબુતરો અને જાળ... વાર્તા તો સાંભળી હશે. ટુંકમાં જો ફાંકામાં રહી આપણે એકલા રહ્યા તો આસાની થી આપણો શિકાર થઈ જશે.”

ક્યાંક કોઈએ શરૂઆત તો કરવી પડશે. જૂની પણ અસરકારક વાતો યાદ અપાવાની.

પરિવર્તન જરુરી છે જો પરિવર્તન હોય જનજીવનના હિતમાં. અમે તો રંગમંચ ઊભો કરી રહ્યા છીએ. ખરા કલાકારો (અમે અને) તમે, અમારા member (s) /agent (s) (સંદેશ વાહક-દૂત) છો.

Thank you! Team
How to build the trust? 
We think it's a slow process but you can check out our TEAM moments. 

Contact US:

1. Send email to [email protected] (Subject: EarlyBird) OR
2. Send IM to our Daytrading FB Page. OR
3. Drop your contact number here on this AD disqus comment board. OR
4. Call at our office (1 PM - 7PM, Due to covid-19, our team members maybe working from home.). 
  (79) 40031728, 40306079, 66635536, 66635537

Other Projects (in pipeline) by our USA Parent Company:

Our Parent Company Ideology:

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