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"The opportunity to use the power of the people to promote!" Cui Daosheng insisted on his opinion. And their own determination is the way to facilitate ah! Therefore, Ren Fu, you are busy moving your factory to the mainland, and I am not in favor of it. We should find an empty house in the concession, put up a temporary straw shed, install the machine and start work immediately. This is also one of the ways to express determination! Forget it, forget it! Each has his own opinion. Luo Renfu stood up with a smile, grabbed Cui Daosheng, and said, "The host has come to urge us to sit down.". You can talk about it later. At this moment, Yan Boqian and Zhong Ping were already in front of them. They bowed and said "please" repeatedly. Counselor Wang asked Cui Daosheng to go first and then Luo Renfu, but Luo Renfu wanted to talk to Yan Zhongping and walk at the end. When they passed through the hall and were about to enter the door of the dining room, Luo Renfu suddenly remembered and asked Yan Zhongping: "Why isn't your chief engineer Zhou going to do it?" "I'm still asking him to stay, but he seems determined to go." He came to my house this morning. By the sound of his voice, if your president of moving the factory doesn't make a decision,Coil nail machine, he is determined to leave. Zhongping, the factory has to move, Zhou Weixin also can't let go! Where are you going to find such a talent? Yan Zhongping nodded with a wry smile, but did not speak. Exercise 17 When the rainstorm came down in the afternoon, Amei Zhou was quarreling with her wife again over the question of whether to go or not. The same three words "whether to go or not" come from Ah Mui and his wife, but each of them has its own meaning. Chou Ah-mei's "whether to go or not" refers to whether he and his partner in the same factory have finally given in and accepted the boss's offer to go to Hankou with the factory,Automatic nail machine, but his wife Ah Chen's "whether to go or not" is based on the "good news" of Shi Quansheng, a foundry worker, yesterday: a factory in the French Concession is expanding and recruiting more skilled workers. Has he found a job with a crooked face? Zhou Amei's face was tight and she shouted at Ah Zhen. You just believe his mindless rumors and make me bored to death every day! "Oh, you really don't know a good heart.". They don't want foundry workers! Shi Quansheng kindly informed you, but you. "What do I pour?" Zhou Amei was picking up a cup of tea and put it down with a bang. Not willing to ask about the Yao? I don't believe Yao Shaoguang's bullshit! "It doesn't matter if he's true or not." "No!" If you won't go, I'll go! Ask in vain, and it won't hurt the spleen and stomach. "You're not allowed to go either!" Zhou Ah Mui suddenly jumped up, her face turned red, and she looked at Ah Zhen with her eyes wide open angrily. This was a bit too much. Sister Jane pursed her lips and said repeatedly, "I'm going to go," and went out. Zhou Amei grabbed her and pushed her into the room. The quarrel is turning into a fight. But just then, Nail production machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, on the planking behind a gray cloth, the sleeping little brother suddenly cried out, and the cry was like a ladle of cold water, which extinguished the couple's anger. Sister Jane ran into the gray cloth that served as the curtain and immediately exclaimed. Chou Ah Mui pulled open the piece of cloth and saw her younger brother holding it in Ah Chen's arms as if he had been scooped up from the water. The planking was covered with water. The biggest leak came down from the half-collapsed roof of the shed and hit the planking with a loud sound. The couple did not bother to change their wet clothes for their younger brother and were busy rescuing their things first. Lay down, the ground, has accumulated an inch of water. A month ago, in the face of random bombing and strafing, a half-old leather suitcase rescued from their old residence in Nanshi was already soaked in water. Ouch! This is over! Sister Jane suddenly screamed and ran to the corner of the room with a pair of small windows. Zhou Amei also jumped over the overturned planking. There was a waterfall in the corner of the house, down the earth wall, half a bag of rice and a bag of flour on the ground, and the water seeping from the edge of the flour bag was milky white. The drenched little brother sat on the broken board table and only knew how to open his mouth and cry. Fortunately, two people came. This is Hsiao Chang-lin and Ah Sang. They helped Zhou Amei and his wife to put everything in the water. Sister Jane also changed her younger brother's dry clothes, then hugged him and carried a pot to the tiger stove to make tea. The sound of wind and rain is like ten lathes running at high speed.
The three men sat at the broken table, neither of them speaking first. Sister Jane came back with the teapot, put it on the table, and said: "Brother Changlin!"! You come to judge this reason. I advised him to ask Yao Shaoguang, is it true that the factory is recruiting workers? He was like eating raw rice, and he didn't have a good breath. We were supposed to go to Hankou when the machines in the factory were dismantled, but now the boss pretends to be a fool and has left us here in the shade. "It's better to have something than nothing, no matter what kind of work you have." Chou Ah-mui was silent. She took out half a pack of cigarettes from her pocket and saw that they had been stained with water. She threw the water-stained cigarettes lazily on the table and swore. Hsiao Chang-lin took out his own cigarette, gave one to Ah Mui, poured himself a cup of tea, and said calmly: Sister-in-law, don't worry! Everyone should haggle over it for a long time. "Yao Shaoguang's mouth is unreliable." "Ah Sang also helped to say." If I really have a job, I won't go either! Zhou Amei took a puff of smoke and said loudly. Everyone made it clear that day that if boss Yan did not agree to our request, we would sue him to the Social Bureau! "I, Ah Mui Chou, have sworn by myself that I can't betray my workmates and find a job secretly!" Xiao Changlin nodded his head, but did not open his mouth. Tut, tut, tut, social Bureau? Sister Jane rushed to say. The Social Bureau doesn't care! "We are of one mind and are not afraid that the boss will not agree!" "Ah Sang helped Ah Mui." Sister Jane, don't worry. There are still three days to go. Look at the color! "Well, well, look at the color!"! The factory has been demolished, and we are not waiting to start. Boss Yan is not in a hurry! Sister Jane said angrily,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, putting the child in her hand on Ah Mui and going to take care of the water-stained clothes. Sister Azhen's words just touched Zhou Amei's mind. Yesterday, Tang Jicheng told them that Cai Yongliang was looking for a house to preserve the machines packed in boxes. Boss Yan was reluctant to move the factory to the mainland, but now he just cancelled his promise to move the factory on the pretext that the workers' demands were too high.

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