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Plunder the protagonist's aura

Xu Fu climbed up from the bed and looked at the dark night and grasped the window lattice silently What Xu Fu is wearing now is Zhang Tianwei's fiancee Ren Yiqing Now Zhang Tianwei has come back from Japan A few days ago the Zhang family just sent someone to discuss the marriage and set the time for the two families to get married Three months later on the auspicious day of the Zodiac she will change from the eldest lady of the Ren family to Zhang Tianwei's wife After all the cartoon is a girl's book the whole article is mostly emotional but there is little ink on military and national affairs but generally speaking it can be inferred that about two or three years after Ren Yiqing married Zhang Tianwei some Japanese fell out with Zhang Dashuai on the ridiculous pretext of "searching for murderers" and finally the Sino-Japanese conflict broke out completely Even if it is not July 7 the result will be similar to the Lukouchiao Incident That is to say now there are only two or three years left and this weather-beaten land of China will fall into war again However even if Xu Fu memorized the history thoroughly it would not be of much help to this disordered parallel world At least in history there was no commander in chief surnamed Zhang in the Northeast At most it was based on Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Dashuai Xu Fu leaned against the window and thought to herself that Environment she now doubted whether that beautiful yarn could be a Japanese intelligence officer at all Although dissatisfied Xu Fu also has to admit that in history Japanese intelligence personnel that is the ability of spies is indeed outstanding such as the famous Japanese Class a war criminal Kenji Dohihara Zhang Tianwei as the northeast army young marshal the Japanese even for the northeast mines and railways also worth sending an intelligence officer in Zhang Tianwei lurking around for several years Xu Fu has not yet seen Zhang Dashuai do not know this may be based on Zhang Zuolin as the prototype of the character of Dashuai but I think whether as a Chinese soldier or a figure in power will not tolerate his heir with a Japanese spy In fact although Xu Fu's current strength has been suppressed by the rules of the world it is still not difficult to kill a beautiful yarn But an American yarn is a small matter and a future successor of the Northeast Army who has mastered nearly one fifth of China's military strength is enough to influence the future trend of China's national power! With a creak the little girl in the room next to her came in carrying an oil lamp and rubbing her eyes When she saw Xu Fu leaning against the window and blowing the cold wind she began to complain "My good young lady the wind is cold in the middle of the night Close the window quickly!"! You're not in good health If you get sick carelessly it's not Haner who takes bitter medicine! This little girl named Han'er had been taking care of Ren Yiqing since she was a child She had a very good relationship with Ren Yiqing After closing the window quickly she turned around and teased Xu Fu "Or did you say that the young lady saw her uncle a few days ago and was fascinated by him She couldn't sleep in the middle of the night and missed him" The author has something to say If you update it in the future it will be updated around 11 o'clock Because I decided to go out to dance a dam dance and exercise my body in the future 59 60 Japanese Anti-Japanese War Cartoons In the original novel Ren Yiqing and Xu Fu went to bed in their clothes and said carelessly "Han I heard that you have a good relationship with Big Beard Lei" Looking at the original China Manufacturers who killed the Japanese soldier in the end became the fuse of the contradiction between the Chinese and Japanese armies in fact has not been clear but Xu Fu through various signs the most suspicious is this seemingly ordinary Haner This Han son has several mysterious contact with a tall man in black clothes but the cartoon has not appeared in the front of the man only a handful of beard appeared in the line of sight Xu Furuo this can not guess that this person is the famous northeast road Lei beard will have the advantage of spoilers However Lei Beard killed the Japanese soldiers in the end by Han son to help Ren Yiqing to find the United States yarn trouble caused by the mistake or by the Japanese use Xu Fu did not know But with Lei's reputation on the street and his style of acting against foreigners Xu Fu would rather believe that this is an alternative patriot-and now everything has not happened even if the other side is involved with Japan Xu Fu is not afraid
Haner was startled by Xu Fu's words and knelt on the ground trembling "Miss I" I Xu Fu greeted her with a smile "Why are you so scared" Although Lei Beard is a mountain bandit in my opinion he may be more knowledgeable than some college students who shout Republican democracy every day In today's world warlordism who has a gun in his hand is the boss even if the North and South governments are forced by the situation to restart Transportation the Republic what can they do Let's not talk about anything else Just talk about the fat in your mouth Even you and I won't want to spit it out right In the end even if a Republican government is established can democracy and freedom really be realized In the final analysis it is just a plaything in the hands of warlords in name only "It was Ray Beard who said he was a bandit but did you see him rob the common people" Is there no shadow of Japan and Russia behind the newspaper that clamors to strangle Lei's beard I'm afraid Lei Beard has had a lot of enmity with Japan and Russia over the years right Haner took a look at Xu Fu only to see Xu Fu smiling at her thinking of their own young lady from small to large she said that Lei beard is a good person it will not pursue their own bandits With an ingratiating smile she clapped her chest and said "The maidservant didn't understand what the young lady said However the maidservant understood when the young lady said that Lei Beard was a good man The maidservant was relieved" Speaking of it the maidservant also met her brother when she was a child in the street before and it took a long time to know that the other party was actually the famous Lei beard on the Northeast Road! The father of my brother next door was a Juren at the beginning I envied his family at that time I never thought that he would become a bandit in the end Alas the world is not good If the young lady hadn't taken me in I'm afraid I wouldn't even be a bandit Feeling something Xu Fu listened to Haner's chatter for a while until Haner's eyes were red Then she held Haner's hand and said "Good Haner I have something to ask you now I don't know if you would like to" Three days later Xu Fu saw Lei Big Beard in the auspicious restaurant

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